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Developing Safe, Skilled Paramotor Pilots

Training, Adventure, Test & Development Facility

The Only All Inclusive Flight Resort
The Para Lab


We cater for all levels of paramotor experience and offer the following:

  • BHPA approved beginner training

  • BHPA power conversions

  • Instructor development

  • Adventure Tours. Fly the local castles, watchtowers, lakes and river valleys

  • Advanced paramotor coaching

We are the only All Inclusive Resort with no hidden fees




The Lab comprises 7 guest bedrooms, swimming pool, secure garage / workshop, training slopes and exclusive airfield.

We are based in the south of Spain  in the heart of the beautiful Andalusian countryside.


Flexible courses in the South of England

About Us

Owned and run by two BHPA CFIs with over 50 years combined paragliding and paramotoring experience, supported by several instructors and TIs with a wide range of experience and disciplines. We can cater for all levels of paramotoring training and development needs.

We provide more instructors per student than other schools. 

Who are we?


Upcoming Courses



Beginner Paramotor

Paragliding Conversion

Adventure Tour

Summer 2023


Paramotor CP Course

Paragliding to Power Conversion

OCT 23


Beginner Paramotor

Paragliding to Power Conversion

Feb 24


Beginner Paramotor

Paragliding Conversion

Adventure Tour


​The Para Lab is a state of the art paramotor training facility as well as the UK's premier dealer for Starseed Paramotors. It is also a test and development facility for new equipment, as well as being an academy of excellence for training instructors.

Based in Dorset, Brighton and predominantly Southern Spain, we run a range of courses teaching beginners, para to power conversion courses, adventure tours, paramotor SIV, and trike paramotoring. Using the most modern equipment and training techniques we will turn you into confident, talented pilots while placing a big emphasis on safety, as well as being a whole lot of fun. We can either provide the very latest gear or arrange to transport your own equipment out to us.

Not only will you learn with the best, you will learn with a small group of students and high number of instructors (2:1 ratio). This means you'll get a more personalised experience as well as more air time.

With our trips, there are no hidden fees - Private accommodation, airport transfers, fuel, food & alcohol are all included!

We are confident in our instructing techniques that for any damages that you incur, you will pay 2/3 of the cost and we will cover the additional 1/3!

In association with Flight Culture & Sky Paragliding



The Para Lab are proud to announce our partnership with Starseed Paramotors as well as the newly released, cutting edge Fusion Paramotor.

We are the premier UK dealer for this paramotor and we have a demo unit for you to try - All our instructors love the sensation of this motor in flight. It is more akin to paragliding with the relaxed flying style and required less throttle than other leading paramotors due to the improved efficiency and airflow. We love it!

Come and try it out and visit our online shop to buy a complete kit or any spares.

To find out more, check out our blog post about the Fusion or visit


+447833 107 902

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