Beginners Course

10 Day



This 10 day course will teach you to be self proficient in Paramotoring by following and completing the BHPA Club Pilot Power rating.


The training will include:

Care and maintenance of equipment

Weather assessment

Inflation skills

Wing control with unpowered flights

Power aborts

Flights both in and out of circuit

Significant element of theory and examination

Paragliding Conversion

7 Day



Already a BHPA Hill / Tow rated pilot? In this 7 day course, we will guide you to obtaining your Club Pilot Power rating, or on a good week the BHPA Pilot Power rating!

You must be current and able to forward launch to ensure that the week is productive.

Safari XC Adventure

7 Day

XC adventure


Explore the scenic Andalucian countryside while flying our many XC routes. You will fly over castles, local hidden gems and land out near some of the most gorgeous restaurants for lunch before being picked up and transported back to the ranch to chill before the evening session!


This will be some of the most breathtaking flying of your career!

Instructor Development

10 Day

BHPA Power Instructor


This two part courses consists of 10 days basic instructor training for any TI / new potential power instructor.  The second 10 day module aims to polish your instructing and sign off any remaining tasks in order to prepare for your instructor examination. If you are already a Paragliding instructor, a ‘fast pass’ can be provided to jump to the last 10 day section.


We ensure that all our instructors are operating at the same extremely high standards and therefore have regular milestones that must be attained to complete the course within the minimum 20 days.


Please contact us for more information and an interview session to assess your potential.

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