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2020 Courses - Book Now!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you have read our post about Learning to Paramotor, you'll know that we favour learning to paraglide prior to paramotoring (at least an EP course) so that you master wing control skills and are confident in flight.

If you would like to start with a basic paragliding course, here are a list of courses currently booking. We are running the following (click for details):

Dorset 22 – 27 June

Dune De Pyla, SW France 30 August – 6 September

Dune De Pyla, SW France 15 – 22 September

Morocco, 14 – 21 November with further courses in January 2021

If you complete any of these courses, or already have your EP rating then you will be able to join us at The Para Lab in Southern Spain in either October or February.

If you don't want a more comprehensive paragliding course as part of your training you can do a paramotor beginners course in Sussex from 4 July – 8 August but your first 3 days would have to be either the 5 – 8 July or 19 – 21 July.

Once you have completed the initial 3 days you will be able to pick the remaining 7 days, any time until the 8 August.

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