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Welcome Starseed!

The Para Lab are proud to announce that we are the UK's premiere importer and dealer for Starseed and their brand new Fusion Paramotor.

Trond Nyman Arre with the new Fusion Paramotor

This paramotor bridges the gap between paragliding and paramotoring thanks to the new reclined flying style, lightweight frame and with a new standard for handling making it feel like an extension to your body, rather than a paramotor as we know it! The reclined position is achieved through a purpose-designed smart fuel tank which is raised to become the back panel; new swing arms, and properly balanced geometry of both the Starseed Fusion star frame and their selection of carefully chosen and optimised harnesses.

We are very excited to announce the our partnership with Starseed and are very proud to be the exclusive UK dealer of the new fusion paramotor, which has been released today! This new design is the most cutting edge paramotor frame on the market.

Our team will be flying the new Starseed fusion paramotor and will have a demo unit for you to try. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to show off this incredible paramotor.

Key Features:

  • Reclined flying style for a relaxed paragliding feel

  • Sophisticated simplicity

  • An extension of your body

  • An all-new standard for handling

  • A multi-purpose fuel tank

  • In-flight refuelling system

  • Full-size or compact version

  • A harness for every pilot

  • Magnetic KickStand

  • Snap-on net with easy tensioning

  • Simplified anti-torque system

  • Multi-sectional frame for transport and storage

  • 100% titanium frame

  • Light and durable

  • Compact design — maximum portability

  • Supports multiple engines

Two Sizes!

The Starseed Fusion is delivered with a hoop of 140 cm or as a compact thermal booster with a hoop of 120 cm. Both sizes are also available as kits that fit the same Fusion star frame. The Starseed Fusion 120 is the ultimate travellers and explorers’ machine, being lightweight, extremely compact, and incredibly practical. It has the same dynamic handling as well as all design features. It’s also perfect for thermal motoring.

Magnetic KickStand!

Starseed's unique Magnetic KickStand system is seamlessly integrated with the Starseed Fusion airframe. The system ensures the paramotor sits firmly on the ground when not in use. When preparing for take-off, the Magnetic KickStand nicely slides away and unites with the rest of the frame. Two strong Neodymium magnets ensure the leg is fastened in a locked position. This prevents the pilot's feet from kicking against the frame during take-off or landing.

Simplified Anti-Torque System

The anti-torque system is based on offsetting the arms in relation to the frame (not the risers in relation to the arms). This way, all forces are in line with the arms, creating a more rigid construction with no twisting that may result in bent arms. The solution helps compensating for the torque effect of the engine and propeller in a magnificent way. The pilot can easily change sides according to which engine is fitted to the Starseed Fusion.

The Future

This Autumn at our Spanish base, we will be showcasing the Fusion Paramotor as well as some other exciting developments that The Para Lab team have been working on in the past year and we are very excited for the future of the sport and what we will be able to offer to ensure that you have the best training, equipment and support throughout your flying life!

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