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Summer 2021 Paramotor Courses

Now that restrictions are starting to ease, we have planned our summer courses for 2021 in the UK.

To start with, we will be teaching in Dorset, however later this summer we will also be teaching in Brighton.

There are two types of course available:

- Beginner (Elementary Pilot)

- Club Pilot

We only use state of the art paramotors, incorporating the very latest in motor development and also work with Sky Paragliders for the very latest in reflex wings. We offer the option of trike flying which adds another dimension. We teach the BHPA syllabus and every course is supported with at least 1 paramotoring instructor to 2 students.

Unlike our Spain based courses, accommodation is not provided. But we are happy to suggest local options. Get in touch to discuss learning to paramotor and to start your journey to becoming a sky god(dess)!


Beginner Paramotoring (Elementary Pilot) - £600

10 - 14 April

28 Apr - 2 May

23 - 27 May

13 - 17 June

This 5 day beginners course for both paragliding and paramotoring.

If you decide to continue with paragliding after completion, we are also BHPA paragliding instructors and have courses available for your paragliding CP this summer as well.

Beginners always start on a flat field with ground handling and this usually takes the first day but is so essential. We’ll introduce you to both forward and reverse inflations and get you to the point where you’ll be ready to launch.

On your second day we’ll take you to one of our hills and start with very small flights but as you improve, we’ll gradually move further up the hill. By the end of the second day you’ll be making flights of 50 feet or more above the ground.

As the course continues we will make bigger and bigger flights in a wider range of conditions. We’ll improve your wing control skills as well as improving your landing accuracy.

There is a theory element to the course and we’ll supply you with supporting notes as well as running structured lectures.

We supply all of the equipment that you’ll need and everything is current generation and less than 2 years old. This will make it safer and much easier for you as you learn to paramotor.


Paramotoring Club Pilot (CP) - £1400

3 - 9 May

30 May - 5 June

This 7 day course will take you from elementary pilot to Club Pilot (Power). The course is also suitable for paragliding pilots looking for a conversion as you start from the same basis of basic wing control.

We will take you through all of the motor safety training as well as introducing you to the various pre-flight and pre-landing checks .Your first flights will be local circuits but the feeling of that first flight is completely indescribable… Come along and find out!

Dorset is a stunning place to paramotor with an incredible landscape. We often fly over stately homes, iron age fortresses, follow river valleys and along the stunning Jurassic coast. We have a number of take off fields, located near Sherborne as well as over the Somerset boarder on the levels. Our fields are smooth enough to foot or trike launch.

We supply all of the equipment that you’ll need and everything is current generation and less than 2 years old. This will make it safer and much easier for you.

Breakages to be covered by the student

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