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Bridging the gap between paragliding and Paramotoring


Our Partnership

Why we are so excited!

Not only is the Starseed Fusion .... The key features that got us excited and have proven to be our most loved qualities about the machine are:

- Super lightweight frame. At only X Kg, this frame is one of the lightest on the market

- Strength - Not only is the frame super light, but it can hold its own in the strength category, meaning that it is a perfect tool for training as well as for all your paramotor adventures outside the school environment.

- Reclined Seating & 180 degree view. Coming from paragliding, all of The Para Lab team have been amazed at how much this new design has improved our confidence and flying style thanks to ...

- For years, pilots have been coming up with ingenious methods to monitor the remaining fuel in your tank and the overall winner has always been a combination of a mirror and the knowledge of your fuel burn rate. Not anymore! Starseed's innovative fuel monitor has shattered this illusion and really does provide the ultimate solution.

Starseed Fusion in Action!

I Want One!

If you want to see, try or buy a Starseed Fusion then please get in touch with us! 

In the UK, we are based in the South of England and have a training centre in Dorset and another in East Sussex.

Example Costing:

£0000 - Starseed Fusion Frame (Regular 140cm hoop)

£0000 - Vittorazi Moster 185 Engine

£0000 - Starseed Pod Harness

Total - £0000

This is comparable to a Parajet Maverick in terms of costing, but we encourage you to come and try both motors and see which one is more suited to you! We think the Fusion speaks for itself once you have flown it!

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